"We were so excited when Lindsey agreed to speak for our Women of Grace dinner! This girl is full of life experiences, humor and loaded with the TRUTH! She left the Women of Grace with excitement in pursuing the Word, learning their gift and motivation to put action to the purpose assigned to them by God. Lindsey is following His calling on her life and making disciples of those she comes in contact with."


"I was invited by my Mother to attend a Women’s Luncheon in Terre Haute, IN last year to hear Lindsey Carney speak.  I was hooked from the moment she walked to the podium.  It was like she had an empty box preparing to put a gift in it ~ just for you.  She had us crying ~ tears of sadness as well as tears of joy.  The first item she put in her box was her personal experience.  She was not afraid to bare her soul.  The next item was the Bible.  Lindsey has this innate way of breaking the Word by looking at it from unique perspectives.  She wraps everything up and gives you an opportunity to either make a commitment or recommit yourself to Christ.  Lindsey then hands you the box to take home & unwrap as you continue on your journey through life.”

Diane, Conference Attendee

"It has been my infinite joy and blessing to know Lindsey. She is not afraid to be frank about her own struggles and trials as she invites each of us to walk with her through Scripture, to ingest what we learn there, and to apply those Biblical truths to our own lives. You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, you will come away strengthened and challenged to be more like HIM!”

Carolyn Head, WMU Director, Cross Roads Baptist Church

"When listening to Lindsey speak, it’s easy to imagine yourself as her friend. As someone who would listen to you and give sound advice that she easily backs with scripture. She is so gifted with words that she can make you bust a gut laughing, lose all your mascara crying and easily envision everything she describes. Most importantly, she unapologetically brings the word of God to you in such a way as there can be no doubt that the Lord has filled this woman and that her life is solely about fulfilling His purposes for His kingdom. You will definitely come away with a changed heart."


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