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Pat Summitt’s Legacy as an Aunt

Three years ago, I stood looking out over the red cushioned church pews of Mt. Carmel UMC.  They held young and old, rich and famous, poor and ordinary, champions and underdogs.  And they also held us.  Mom, son, brothers, sister, and 7 nieces and nephews who all throw a little twang to it when we talk about our “Aunt Trish”.  Below is a glimpse into my speaking notes from the day we celebrated her going home…

We all know her statistics…eight national championships, 1,098 wins, basketball legacy…BUT I’m going to tell you what it was like growing up with Pat Head Summitt as your aunt.  

When your phone rang on your birthday, it was her tuneless voice on the other end belting out Happy Birthday.  When you were at her house, she made sure you brushed your teeth the night before and woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon.  She was the aunt that, you walked in her house and straight to the freezer because you knew there was homemade ice-cream in there.  That’s what good aunts do, they keep ice cream in their freezer.

My sister, Casey, had a yard sale at Granny Head’s several years back.  Now, some of y’all know that Granny had the prime location in Henrietta for a yard sale.  And who doesn’t love a good yard sale?  Casey was sitting out there and Aunt Trish was home that weekend and wanted to catch up.  So she went out to the yard sale to talk.  As people came up, they realized who was sitting there and they would ask, “Can I get your autograph?”  She would respond, “You sure can!  Find something to buy and I’ll be glad to sign it.”  That was the best yard sale in Henrietta history.  Because that’s what good aunts do, they help you with your yard sale.

Tracy loved hanging out and talking with her.  Because she didn’t half way listen, she always listened.  She’d tell Tracy, “Come in here and talk to me while I workout.”  That’s what good aunts do, they care and love spending time with you.

The summer of my junior year, I had Goo Goo Dolls on repeat.  I can remember like it was yesterday, her coming downstairs and singing with me.  That’s what good aunts do.  They let you put your favorite song on repeat and they sing at the top of their lungs with you.

I will tell you this, I have several aunts.  But she was the aunt that when she was out on the dance floor, I would look at and think, Thank You Lord, that I did not inherit those dance skills!  Isn’t that what good aunts do, make you feel better about your own moves?

My cousin, Chris, remembers flying down the road in her old Dotson 280ZX and heading to the movies.  Do we not all have nightmares from riding in the car with her?  When the gear finally landed in park, you had to peel your stomach off of the roof.  Good Aunt’s take you to the movies…fast.

She took David to his first UT football game; they were running late (imagine that) and he really wanted to see kick off, so she was walking fast.  She turned around and looked at David and said, “You either need to grow some longer legs or learn how to walk faster.”  He was six.   When David told me that story he said, “It was Oct. 7, 1977.  I remember because I am sitting here holding the ticket in my hand.”  You see, good aunts make good memories.

When Derrick was little, he had a stamp collection.  As she began to travel, every single place that she went, she would get a post card and mail it home to Derrick.  Because that’s what good aunts do, they build their nephew’s stamp collection.

She would get in the floor and play with our kids, change their diapers, and just love on them the same way she did us.  Richie said it best when he said, “I never looked in the floor and saw Pat Summitt with my babies, I saw my Aunt Trish.”  Good aunts change diapers and play in the floor.

We all have stories where she took us all over the place.  I dont think we really thought much about it.  And I get it now.  What it feels like to be an aunt.  To have little nieces and nephews that you adore.  The difference is…she would call my mom and say, “Have Lindsey ready, next month I’m taking her to Disneyland!”  And I call my sister up and say, “Get Reese ready, we’re going to Sonic, it’s happy hour!”  That’s what good aunts do, they do life with you.

But there is one of us who has the best story to tell.  My cousin, Chuck.  He went to bed on Nov. 7, 2015 and didn’t wake up on Nov. 8th.  If you could hear his story, he would tell you that on Tuesday morning of June 28th, he watched his Aunt Trish step into glory and see her Savior for the first time.

I’ve told you what GOOD aunts do.  But let me tell you what GREAT aunts do.  They have Jesus.  The greatest aunts leave a legacy of Jesus.  Out of all her travels, all the arenas where she stood center stage, all the accolades, and titles…none compare to June 28, 2016.  When a daughter received a crown.

I need you to know that we can talk about legacies and we can talk about victories. But no greater victory had she ever won than that Tuesday morning. 

Because the best aunts have homemade ice cream in their freezer…and Jesus in their heart.

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  • Suzanne Allen

    Well you know how much I love this one because I knew “Trish” long before all those trophies and championships and she was a GREAT friend as well as Aunt. Thanks for these memories…I know it must’ve been hard. Suzanne Allen

  • Trish Roberts

    What a beautiful tribute to your Aunt Trish. I was in the church that day when you made that speech. It was very touching them and it’s very touching now. It doesn’t seem like three years since she’s been gone, but when someone leaves a footprint on your heart, they’re there forever. She was my Olympic teammate and she was my coach at UT and she will forever hold a special place in my heart. Pat as she is affectionately known to so many around the world received her wings three years ago and it seems like she is still here with us because her presence is so powerful and all around us. Continue to soar my friend, FLY HIGH!!!! (Trish Roberts)

    • lindseytreasure2farmcom

      That gave me cold chills, Trish! She told the best story about my Grandaddy yelling at “Trish” during a game you guys played on the road to the Olympics and you playing your heart out and wondering who that man was yelling at you. It still makes me laugh! ❤️

  • Lynne Liddington

    Pat meant different things to different people. Mine was as a friend. She influenced my career in so many ways and I am forever grateful. Well done, Pat and May you Rest In Peace.

  • Amanda Nelson

    Wow…God has given you such a way with words! I always enjoy reading anything you write, but this one touches my heart for sure! It hits home because it makes me think of my aunts who have always been so present in my life! We are blessed for sure! Thank you for sharing ♥️

  • kempsbellsouthnet

    Lindsey, thank you for my invitation to read your blog. I so enjoyed this about Aunt Trish. She was an awesome person whom alway remembered where she came from and keep her humility!

  • misstfromtn60

    I don’t think I ever told you about my connection with Trish. I worked at the park every summer until I graduatefd from high school. It was located where the post office is now. (It is named after my dad.) Ralph Spangler was in charge of it. He kept the ball fields looking good. There were paid employees who worked there. One summer Trish worked there. Of course, she could work like a man. There were some fast trips in her car (roll the windows up and you can go faster). One night Jackie Jenkins Kemp and I went home with her to spend the night. We were all 3 sleeping in her bed.
    She was in the middle. During the night, she kicked Jackie out of the bed, but caught her before she hit the floor! There are other memories, too. I was manager on the girls basketball team when she played. All great memories of Trish.

  • Adrian Johnson

    Lindsey, just like you to make me cry!! Because from being Clint’s buddy till today you never cease to amaze me!! Your writings are certainly a gift from God above!! I sat in the church at the funeral so wishing I could here you!! The sound was not working so until Drew told me bits and pieces later I didn’t know anything of the service. Then days and weeks later different ones would tell me what a great tribute you gave to Trish’s memory! This is the first time I truly understand how moved they were from your words!! Now I have that privilege! Trish was so many things to so many different people!! To me she was a constant friend and always so genuine no matter where we met. I loved her as a friend, coach, and Mother to Drew for six years! As a mother you know that when it comes to your children you will teach, preach, protect always be there for them no matter what! Trish did this for me!! I will always cherish those years where I knew Drew was away from home being with the best I could ever imagine, being taken care at all times! Sure we had many more times together, at her home in Cheatham County, and in Knoxville, on the court in Ashland City, at the ballgames at Thompson Boiling and at the park in AC, on gravel back roads,(going pretty fast) and all great times! But knowing you and the rest of the family has been the icing on the cake!! Love you all! Thanks, Lindsey and keep up that talent on paper and teaching all those precious children to ride!!

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