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Our homestudy is complete and we are just waiting on our agency’s final stamp of approval then it will head to India and get logged into their system (this could take several months).  So, just to celebrate this step, I wanted to share the letter my sister woke up to one morning this past November.  Because when I become a mom again, she becomes an aunt again.  And being called “aunt” only falls second in line to being a mom.

November 12, 2018

Aunt Casey,

One day I will call you crying because mom and I had a fight. Another day I’ll call to tell you about my accomplishments, from the first time I pee in the potty to when I say “yes” to marriage. You’ll answer every time and you’ll cheer me on because you’ll be one of my biggest fans. You’ll laugh at the funny stories when mom calls you for the hundredth time that day. You’ll hurt when I hurt. You’ll be there to help me maneuver life’s challenges, I’ll need you to be…and you will.

Because when the Lord was weaving His needle putting me together in my birth mother’s womb, he thought of my mom, dad, brothers and sister. But you were also on His mind. He knew I would need an aunt like you. Someone I could always run to. So, He put me with you. He thought of you too.

He knew you would hold my brown hand, brush my dark hair and always make me feel loved. He knew you would relate with me with what it feels like to be the little sister, the one who gets sat on, the one who has no choice but to have a loud voice. He thought of you too.

He knew you would set the example of what it looks like to be a good sister. To be there for her big sister. To support and cheer her on. To say what you mean and mean what you say. To give advice and search for it too. He knew I could look to you, you will make me a better sister, you will be my best example. He thought of you too.

I’m somewhere right now, but I’m not sure where exactly. India, they say. But I’ll make it home soon. Home to mom, dad, and the 4 H’s. Home to you. It’ll be several more months before you see my face. You’ll be one of the first, you know. Because you know how mom loves you. How she counts on you.

I should be home by the end of 2019. Mom hasn’t hurried this thing. They started the homestudy back in August, but she’s taking her time. Because His timing is best and she doesn’t feel the need to rush. Good things take time.

So I’ll see ya next year. I know you’ll be waiting on me. I’m waiting on you. And Aunt Casey, I couldn’t be more happy that when He was thinking about me…He thought of you too.

Your littlest niece,

Hadassah Joyce (Haddi Joy)




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