The Shepherds’ Not So Ordinary Night

(Below you will find a fictional story for you and your children to enjoy together about the shepherds who were told about Jesus’ birth, along with some discussion questions.  I hope it brings this Christmas season into focus and takes you into their field on that not so ordinary night…) I inhaled the night as… Continue reading The Shepherds’ Not So Ordinary Night

When Busyness is all up in my Business

Do y’all remember that Ludacris song, Rollout?  I hope not.  But if you’re like me…and you do, I still play the line in my head that says, “Get up out my business, my business.”   That’s about the only line in that song that resonates with my 35 year old, mom of four, business owning, entrepreneur chasing,… Continue reading When Busyness is all up in my Business


  I’ve seen them in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Blonde hair, brunette, blue eyes, green.  Tall, short, slender, chunky.  I’ve seen some of them hesitate and I’ve heard some of them spew.  I’ve watched their shaky hands wipe the tears before they drip off of their chin.  I’ve watched as others have pushed back… Continue reading Scattered

A Breath

I picked up my phone to see it was 5 a.m., I rolled over to realize she wasn’t in the bed with me.  It was mid June and when we arrived at our hotel in Indiana, it was booked full for the night.  And of course, the air conditioner didn’t work, so a big commercial… Continue reading A Breath

What are you waiting for?

My mind weaves in and out of the ink in my Bible, sometimes it twirls around to land back in the same spot…again.  And I go there, wondering what in the world did that sound like?  What details would I see?  Was there the smell of fresh bread in the market place, or salt rolling… Continue reading What are you waiting for?

Hosting her Heart

I woke her up early, the rest of the house was still asleep.  She put her clothes on that we had laid out the night before and then slipped into my room.  “Mom”, I heard as she opened the bathroom door.  She squeezed me tight and watched as I put my contacts in.  Then she… Continue reading Hosting her Heart