Hey friend!  Welcome to my little part of the world, I'm so glad you've stopped by!  It gets a little crazy.  There are always kids running around, the washing machine humming and a fat dog sprawled out on the floor, but hey, it's my life.  And right here is where I get to throw ink at the words in my heart and just be real.  So, whether you're looking for some Jesus centered encouragement in your day or planning your next event, you're in the right place.  Because we are in this thing together!  


"When listening to Lindsey speak, it’s easy to imagine yourself as her friend.  As someone who would listen to you and give sound advice that she easily backs with scripture.  She is so gifted with words that she can make you bust a gut laughing, lose all your mascara crying and easily envision everything she describes.  Most importantly, she unapologetically brings the word of God to you in such a way as there can be no doubt that the Lord has filled this woman and that her life is solely about fulfilling His purposes for His kingdom.  You will definitely come away with a changed heart."

Rachael Mir, 180 Women’s Ministry

Jason and Lindsey are passionate about adoption. Two of their four children are adopted internationally and they have another on the way home in 2019. You can read about them being India Bound on the blog. They are so grateful for your prayers and support!

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